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IT specialists at your service.

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We are a team of 18 programmers, PPC specialists, graphic designers and industry experts. We offer clients a wide range of services in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing. 

We have thousands of hours of project work behind us, we have created hundreds of custom modules and intend to continue.

Building e-shops

Process automation saves a lot of your work and time. We offer our clients modules created or customised by us, which we sell to programmers and e-shoppers worldwide. We offer verified tactics to our customers and we always try to find new improvements aimed at increasing conversions and transactions in their online stores. We follow trends so that our clients keep up with the ever-changing online market.

Websites, web portals & blogs 

We will help you to turn your vision into reality and we are not afraid of any challenges. We have experience in creating price comparators, real estate, advertising, and accommodation as well as discount portals and social networks. Get quality traffic and readers. Make yourself visible, and support your brand or the sale of your services and products through articulation.


Web, mobile & desktop applications 

We are experts in the development of mobile, web and desktop applications. We have already created dozens of successful and working apps on various platforms.


Creation of logos and corporate identity 

We will not only create a logo, which will differentiate your company from the competition, but we will also design a corporate identity from the name to the address of the web domain. We will produce creatives for posters, binders, folders and packaging, business cards, catalogues and product cards. With us, you will also get a price offer for printing along with the draft, and you will simply come to us for ready-made advertising materials for your clients.

Server and web hosting

In order to provide our clients with truly comprehensive services,  as an additional service we offer the sale and purchase of domains from all around the world, e-mail creation and operation of e-mail servers, server housing for complex solutions, or virtual housing for smaller projects and applications.