#payment gate

Receive payments from around the world

Online payments do open borders. Utilise your online business potential without any regional restrictions.

Sameday money collection

Have transactions realised via payment buttons on your bank account on the sameday.

Transactions under control

All services are managed in user-friendly interface giving you a complete and clear overview of all transactions. Create statistics, reports and refund money flawlessly.

Payment gateway on e-invoice

Simplify the way your clients can pay to you. Payment buttons on electronic invoices greatly facilitate and speed up payments collection. Your clients will welcome this option and help you to reduce the percentage of overdue invoices.

Payment gateway in email

Include payment options directly to your email. Utilise email marketing tools to its full potential.

Widget payment

Simple payment widget for classic invoices. No login required, simply enter the amount, payment ID and choose preferred form of payment.

We follow trends and inspire

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