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What is the transfer payment for customers?

Payment by bank transfer is still among the most widespread in e-shops. Many times, more customers use this option than paying by card.

Despite the fact that you do not pay any fees for paying in cash compared to card payments, it is not a very convenient option for your customers. Imagine the lengthy login to internet banking and copying your account number and other payment data from the invoice. And when you have an IBAN with spaces on the invoice and the bank checks the number of characters, it even has to be rewritten manually.

Or you use payment QR codes

Today, every bank has a QR by square payment reader in its mobile application, which automatically fills in the entire payment order. How easy will it be for your customers to just open mobile banking, scan the QR code on your invoice and click pay? And all this still incomparably cheaper and easier to set up than card payments.

How does it work?

You register for the web service at, download our plugin to your e-shop and activate it. That is all.

And small e-shops do not have to pay for using our web service.

See if we already have a plugin for your e-commerce platform.