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CardPay service

Simplify the payment system for your customers in your e-shop and increase your profits. Just let them pay online, comfortably from their homes by payment cards. Now your clients can also pay with Apple Pay.


CardPay is a service preferred by many customers. Become entrepreneurs offering this service and use all the benefits it provides.

CardPay benefits for your e-shop:

*Improve the services of your e-shop. Simplify the purchase of goods and services for your customers and offer them a simple, quick and secure way of online payments by payment cards.

*Rely on an universal payment method. CardPay enables clients of any bank at home or abroad owning VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or Diners Club International payment cards to pay in your e-shop.

*Immediate shipment of the purchased goods or services. After paying for the goods and services by the customer, you will get a message from the bank and can dispatch the goods immediately.

*Express crediting of payments. The payment for goods or service will be credited to your business account maintained with Tatra banka on the following business day after the transaction date.

*Language versions for faster communication with the entire world. Provide the customers of you e-shop with a payment gate in the language they know.

*Responsive design for all devices. The CardPay payment gate is optimized for displaying on various devices. It is adjustable to the size of a mobile device display.

 Available languages: Slovak, English, German, Hungarian, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish.

Tatra banka has launched the option of payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay within the CardPay payment gateway.

Multicurrency – online payments for e-shops with support of various currencies

The easier you make the purchasing process for your customers in your e-shop, the faster their shopping will be. The Multicurrency service can help you with it:

*Allow the e-shop customers to pay for goods or services without the need to convert prices and to pay additional fees for payments in a foreign currency;

*Offer the goods and services in your e-shop to foreign customers whose local currency is CZK, HUF, PLN, GBP, DKK, USD, or CHF;

*A precondition for using the service is a business account maintained with Tatra banka in the same currency, as the one you want to offer to your foreign customers.