Start selling where your e‑shop ends.

We are EXPANDO and we help CZ/SK eshops to enter global markets and marketplaces. Thanks to our own EXPANDO APP and other specialized services for ecommerce, we can fully automate and streamline the entire process of expansion and subsequent sales.


is a unique application that provides you with order transfer, stock synchronization, pricing and product matching. Thanks to a clear environment, intuitive API documentation and integrations to the most well-known CZ/SK services, there is nothing stopping you from automating sales on marketplaces. It also includes AUTOPRICER for dynamic pricing, which helps us increase profits and bring higher sales.

Complete management of sales on marketplaces

Put your success in the hands of online sales experts. You can also get customer support in several languages, return addresses worldwide, a dedicated account manager and EXPANDO APP including AUTOPRICER.

The solution for a localised e-shop

EXPANDO's fully localized e-shop is a unique solution with central management of goods and orders. We offer country-specific pricing and marketing options, shipping settings, a large selection of payment methods and international comparison goods, etc.

Product translations for e-commerce

TRANSLADO APP automates the entire product translation process. It will significantly speed up and streamline your current and future expansions. Also a great advantage is that you have all the mutations in one place.


EXPANDO APP is a unique application developed to simplify the expansion of e-shops to foreign markets and marketplaces through clever integrations to accounting, logistics or e-commerce platforms.