Google Optimize

#Google advertising
#A/B testing

Google Optimize is a free web analytics and testing tool from Google. It enables some experiments to be run to help online marketers and webmasters increase visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction.

The Google Optimize website is used to design experiments and open the WYSWIG editor for each version tested in the experiment. The free version allows several experiments to run simultaneously, and the user needs to upgrade to Google Optimize 360 ​​to run more. There are other limitations as well, including limited audience targeting options. The Google Optimization Editor is a Chrome extension that allows you to change some aspects of visible HTML elements. The changes are then applied using JavaScript tailored to the rules set in the experiment. Changes may include replacing labels on buttons and links and some style changes such as changing fonts, aligning text, and more. You can also edit the HTML in selected elements, allowing more advanced changes to be added. This makes it possible to present an alternative version of a static page to different users. Google Optimize allows you to run some A/B tests – or test multiple combinations of page elements such as headlines, images or body copy; known as multivariate testing. It can be used in multiple stages of the conversion funnel.