We are the largest price comparison and shopping advisor in Europe. We help millions of users shop online - cheaply, quickly and easily - simplified with an overview.

We connect our business partners with customers not only in Slovakia, but also abroad. We are no longer just Heureka, but since 2019, thanks to the creation of a new business entity, we have become the Heureka Group international company.

Our vision

The key mission of Heureka Group is to connect brands and e-shops with customers. In order to connect e-shops as efficiently as possible and share product parameters, reviews and even galleries, we started developing a single platform that will work across the CEE region. Our goal is simple: to become the largest shopping advisor with the widest product catalog in one place. One platform we are working on will also make it easier for e-shops to expand within the CEE region without the need to localize the e-shop itself.

The platform will also simplify any other acquisitions with the e-shop. Not only thanks to the coverage of the CEE region, we can and will be able to provide e-shops with important data, analysis and support for their business decisions. We will also use all of our sites to help brands and other partners reach and target the right users across the region, while providing maximum support in any way imaginable.


For e‑shops. Let millions of customers know about your e-shop. With Heureka Shops products, you can be part of the Heureka Marketplace, get a customer-verified certificate, or join the CSS program.


For brands. Support the power of your brand and be seen across Heureka and beyond. With Heureka Ads products, you can show your brand on TV, on YouTube or e.g. send to half a million subscribers of our newsletters.


Data reports. Adapt your strategy to real market demand, in up to 9 European countries. With the Heureka Insights data reports, you can find out the most popular products, brands, competitor prices or, for example, what products to sell.

Heureka in mobile

One app for all purchases. Make your smartphone even smarter. Our applications will teach him to search for your favorite products, compare prices and also find product reviews. Simply, quickly and anywhere.

How to buy

If you know what you want, shopping on Heureka will take you a minute. And if you don't know, you don't need to go anywhere else. Compare prices, read user reviews, compare e-shops and order when you decide.