We will get your product to 300 million customers from all over Europe.

We will connect your e-shop with European marketplaces and all your current processes will remain unchanged.

We will connect you to new sales channels

Small e-shop or large distributor? We really connect everyone to the largest European marketplaces.

We will upload your products

Listing products on the marketplace is often a lengthy and demanding process. Not with us. We will solve it for you.

We update all data

We regularly update product data, stock availability and order information between your system and marketplaces.

We store and ship

Stop struggling with boxes and packaging. Use our fulfillment services and leave logistics to professionals.

We work with multiple languages and currencies

We will translate the product data, because the more languages you know, the more times you are (on) the marketplace.

All in one place

Products, orders, invoicing, translations, storage, transport and connection to new markets can be solved from one place.