Connection with your online store

For our clients, we have prepared a transparent and intuitive online software called EGON, which serves as an extension of your existing online store. The connection to your online store is very simple and quick, and the data is exchanged automatically and in both directions. EGON provides you with a perfect overview of all orders, products, stocks, costs for inbound and outbound goods, delivery costs and many other useful information and functions that make it easier for you to operate your online store. After a successful activation of your account, we will provide you the new address of your warehouse and you can start sending the goods to us.

Registration and storage of goods

After redirecting deliveries of goods to our warehouse, we take care of everything else. We take over the goods, scan the EAN code, weigh, measure and finally take photos. Subsequently, we store the goods in a safe place in the warehouse and EGON notifies you of a new receipt or newly registered goods that have not yet been in the warehouse. After setting the appropriate way of packing the goods (it can also be done automatically), your orders can begin to be completed. As part of the records, we can also monitor expiration dates or product serial numbers.

Fulfillment of orders

As soon as your online store receives a new order from the customer and EGON evaluates that the goods are in stock, we begin to complete. Packaging takes place on the basis of bar codes, weight, volume and visual inspection. There are several quality packaging and filling materials to choose from. We can add anything to the package (invoice, delivery note, instructions for use, advertising materials and others). We can add a personalized full-color sticker (such as your logo) on the top of the shipment, which you can edit within EGON at any time.