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Managino Agency is a marketing agency that will help you gain new customers thanks to modern and innovative marketing.. We are certified specialists and work under Google Premier Partner.

Online marketing is not only a job for us. We try to provide quality and complex services whilst combining multiple fields important for an online business. We work in a dynamic collective of marketing enthusiasts, who view their profession also as their free-time hobby.

PPC campaigns

Reaching a relevant audience can seem difficult at first. We will create campaigns on multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Sklik and more to help you target the right group of people.

Web analytics

Thanks to next-level web analytics, we can gather the essential data about your web visitors and the interactions they made while online. Take advantage of consultations, where our specialists identify space for improvement.

Website creation

The basis of any business is a representative web. Your website makes the first impression so it must be made effectively. We will help you create a modern and responsive site based on your wants and needs.

SEO optimization

If you do not know how to work with SEO or how to optimize your web and prepare a more quality content, leave it to us. We will analyze your web, find out where the issue is and create an effective solution.

RTB campaigns

We offer you access to valuable data and inventory all over the world, so you can reach a relevant audience regardless of their internet location at the moment thanks to banner, video and audio advertisements.

Price comparators

Price comparators contain all of the important information about products of various sellers in one place. With the number of online stores constantly increasing, it becomes more difficult to shine through and leave your competition behind.