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Unique way to translate your e-shop

E-commerce translations utilizing artificial intelligence checked by native speakers. Incredibly fast, economically accessible and high-quality solution for my e-shop.

It’s never been easier to translate a website.

Nativero has been developed specifically with e-commerce in mind.

Translations to 18 languages

You don’t have to deal with hiring and managing translators. Nativero offers translations to 18 languages in a single click. Quickly set it up and pick new languages for your e-shop.

Automatic upload of products

One of the pillars of our philosophy is to save time wherever it’s possible. Hence we automate all that we can, including the upload of product descriptions to be translated. No more exporting, back and forth emails with translators and then manually updating product descriptions. Nativero will do all of that for you.

Transparent pricing

No more surprises. We let you know in advance how much will the translations cost, you decide when you want recharge your credit and how you will spend it. You can pause Nativero whenever you want and use your credit later when you add new products.

Easy setup

You can install the Nativero plugin to your CMS in a matter of minutes without having to write a single line of code. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Complete translation management

Nativero app is a one-stop shop for managing your translations, adding new languages or e-shops, estimated times of delivery and the final price.

Translation Analytics

Reporting and translation performance tracking has never been easier. You can see in real time the localisation costs and that will help you better plan next activities