Delivery and Sending Parcels Quickly and Easily

We are the solution for shipping parcels all over the world. We are a digital platform that sets trends in logistics. We are Packeta, a member of the global Packeta group.

Find the Closest Pick-up Point

We have the widest network of pick-up points in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Our own pick-up points can also be found in Hungary and Romania, and we have more than 92,000 partner pick-up points worldwide.

Do You Order on the Internet?

We deliver goods from more than 32,000 e-shops. Simply select delivery via Packeta in the e-shop shopping cart. At the same time, you can send your parcel to anyone in Slovakia or the Czech Republic.

Do You Have an E-shop?

Are you operating an e-shop and are looking for a reliable carrier for your goods? Join us. Connecting to our system is fast and easy! We have prepared packages for 97% of e-shop solutions used in Slovakia. and the Czech Republic.

Do You Have a Brick-and-Mortar Store?

Become a pick-up point of Packeta, get free advertising and welcome dozens of new customers every day. Are you interested in expanding services in your municipality? Z-BOX is the right choice!