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We create a world where accounting is POHODA

Features of the POHODA program

We care that POHODA meets all your requirements - now and in the future. Therefore, we practically constantly add further improvements and incorporate current legislation.

And because the accounting program will stay with you for the entire duration of your business, we take care of even the smallest details. You can read the most important things here, but don't hesitate to ask us for more details.

Design, control and print sets

You don't have to be a computer expert. POHODA excels with a clear and practical window solution for individual agendas, which perfectly complements more than a hundred print sets. It will make your daily work as easy and transparent as possible, thanks to which you can better focus on what is really important to you.

Directory, contacts and tasks

Today, you simply cannot do without a perfectly clear directory of business contacts. In business, it belongs to one of the most important databases, which contains really valuable data. Equally important is the sophisticated system of tasks and notifications, which ensures that you do not forget anything in the rush of work.

Simple accounting, double-entry accounting and VAT

In the POHODA program, it is possible to keep simple and double accounting for VAT payers and non-payers of VAT. POHODA for a given system always contains all necessary and binding records and books. It also enables custom keeping of single and double accounting for an unlimited number of units.

Invoicing and orders

Along with accounting and payment tracking, invoicing is one of the most important parts of company administration. In many cases, it is associated with a large amount of manual work. That is why these agendas in the POHODA system are optimized to enable the easiest and fastest entry possible and guarantee efficient work.

Cash sale

Do you sell in cash and are you looking for a suitable cash register management solution? Whether you use a computer or mobile phone to sell, we have a solution for both devices. This is directly the POHODA accounting program with the built-in Kasa cash register or the mPohoda mobile application.

eKasa in the POHODA program

From the POHODA program, you can print documents at certified online cash registers that are directly connected to the eKasa system.

Warehouses and property

You can use warehouse agendas not only for real warehouse management, but also for easier issuing of itemized documents. If you manage some kind of property, its registration, depreciation and accounting is no problem for the POHODA accounting program - it solves almost everything automatically.

Wages and HR

The payroll record of the POHODA program enables the processing of wages according to the current legislation for an unlimited number of employees. The basis is the Personnel agenda, where unique data is recorded for each employee, and the Employment relations agenda, where information about employment relations is recorded. The data is the basis for the calculation of wages, social and health insurance, income tax advances, but also for administrative purposes and communication.

Log book and motor vehicle tax

With the POHODA program, you can have an overview of the average consumption of company and private vehicles. It will also help you calculate motor vehicle tax. You can then send the return for this tax electronically.