Slovenská pošta operates on the postal services market already for over fifteen years. At this subsite, we provide you with information about our company and its annual reports.


The power of a traditional communication

The best things shall remain. The traditional correspondence brings you the advantages verified by years in the modern, innovative and flexible forms.


What you pack, we deliver

Small and big, light and heavy, strong and fragile. It does not depend on what are your parcels. You can always trust they shall reach the place of destination safely.

Express services

When speed is crucial

You can send your express items from any post office or by a courier. We deliver your items always on time, reliably and safety, directly to your addressees.

Financial services

Quick and safe transfers

As to the money transfers, you shall rely on our long-time experience we have also reflected in the new innovative services. Speed, reliability and safety are first and foremost for us.

Government Services

We offer government services in over 100 towns, equally distributed throughout Slovakia.

Advertising services

Marketing at the right address

With the right targeted advertising you always drive in the centre. Slovenská pošta offers you a number of direct tools for your successful marketing communication.