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We are a marketing agency and our specialization is online, offline marketing, event and sports marketing.

Event marketing

Each event requires an individual approach. We can prepare an unconventional press conference, launch a new product or any other event according to your needs. With years of experience behind us, we know the importance of being seen and heard. That is why we also take care of TV and radio advertising, print advertising, PR and marketing on social networks. Every detail is essential to us, as are fair play and a unique idea on which we agree with the client. Let Start media prepare a turnkey event with all its essentials for you.

Production marketing

The complicated search for suppliers, graphics preparation and urgent orders is a thing of the past! Our product manager will take care of the production and with the help of our colleagues will transform your order from the original idea into the final form. They will monitor the individual steps of the whole process, inform you about the current status of the order and consult you on individual points.

Sports marketing

There are not many experts in the Czech Republic with regards to the field of sports marketing. But here you are at the right address! Over many years, we have gained a strong position in the field of sports and marketing. Start Media offers comprehensive solutions when it comes to providing presentations and promotions in any category of sport. In many sports, we also provide exclusivity. So, be among the first!

Media marketing

The media rules the world. Anyone who does not deal with them can lose sight of their media image or find that it becomes distorted, which would be a shame. So, put yourself in the hands of experts. Due to our wealth of experience, we know how important it is to be seen and heard, to prepare high-quality content, and to play-to-win with every detail. We will advise you which media opportunities are the best choice for you. We will ensure unified communication and use only the most suitable strategy appropriate to your target group. Services provided: TV advertising Radio advertising Print advertising Printed advertising Promotional advertising Social media marketing PPC campaigns.

Outdoor marketing

Each of us is confronted by around 1,500 to 3,000 advertisements a day. Each person is able to process a maximum of 100 of them, 15 of which will interest us so much that we respond to them. Advertisements are a part of modern life. They provide us with diversity of opinion and orientation in an overcrowded market. Due to our wealth of experience, Start Media will be happy to be your guide. Services provided: Billboards, Bigboards, City lights Holographic advertising Advertising space in public transport vehicles City shop windows and roll-ups Advertising banners and information boards Advertising screens.

Graphics and creations

Our graphic designers will be happy to think about creative things that will give your brand a solid visual appearance. If you have just established your brand, we will be happy to create a visual identity for it in the form of a logo, logo manual and a preview of other promotional materials and printed materials. We will create a new professional logo that reflects your company culture and new goals. The logo, colours and font will be significant to you. We also oversee brand consistency. Services provided: Creations and DTP studio Logo (re)design Logo manuals Promotional materials Printed materials (business cards, brochures, leaflets, magazines) Online graphics (banners, newsletters, mailing) Static and dynamic advertising, including HTML coding.


One word, two words, three words or a whole sentence? Do you want advice on a concise and playful advertising slogan, mailing, preparation of a press release, copy for social networks, or texts for websites? Writing texts is an integral part of marketing. It is important to have something to say, to define the language of the target group, to communicate all the essentials clearly and, at the same time, not to overwhelm the reader. The text should engage, entertain, sell and be easy to read. You will get exactly such texts from our copywriters. Give us a call, send us a message and we will write to you about the services provided: Website texts Press releases Claims and Slogans PR reports Copywriting for social networks.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing, mailing or e-mailing are some of the tools of direct marketing. We will prepare messages for you from A to Z that will interest your target group in terms of content and processing. It often happens that people delete advertising messages in their work or personal e-mail boxes, or that your message ends up being identified as spam, when you would rather engage your audience through e-mail, so that they find more detailed information about you. Services provided: Texts for mailings Graphics preparation for mailings Html coding Sending to received addresses.