One system. One filing point. All types of transport.

Uloženka by WE|DO provides professional transport and logistics services for e-shops.

One partner for shipping parcels

Uloženka by WE|DO provides professional transport and logistics services for online stores.

On the basis of a proven system, we offer, in addition to transport and delivery of parcels to WE|DO POINT delivery points, also delivery to partner delivery points of České pošta and delivery to Česká pošta, DPD SK, Slovenská pošta, etc. With us, e-shops get ONE PARTNER, ONE SYSTEM, ONE INVOICING, ONE DELIVERY PLACE and all types of transport at minimal prices.

Why with us?

Get rid of worries about the transport of parcels and increase the number of orders.

1 One system – all modes of transport. From the Uloženka by WE|DO system, you send shipments to more than 1,300 delivery points, the Czech and Slovak Post Office or to customer addresses.

2 The lowest price for transport. Thanks to the volume of delivered shipments and our own logistics, we offer the lowest transport prices on the market.

3 Professional filing locations. Branches allow express delivery of shipments until 5:30 p.m. More distant partners can use mass sending of shipments or collection to branches.

4 SDD or D+1 delivery. With day and night express transport in the Czech Republic, we ensure the delivery of parcels to delivery points on the same or the next day in 96% of cases.

5 Shipments abroad. Use the filing branch for collective dispatch of parcels abroad.

6 Customers are served by professionals. We are what your customers see - the qualified approach of trained workers at the points of sale.

7 One step ahead. Direct connection to complex logistics - storage, assembly, packaging, dispatch, transport of parcels.

8 Customer support. Our own call center enables immediate customer and partner support from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

How it works

The principle of the service is a unique connection of specialized delivery points, express transport, information system, trained workers and logistical and partner support. Join and get added value for your e-shop today.

Simply enter the shipping data

You can manually or automatically enter transport data into our system through one interface. You can simply stick the printed labels for different carriers on the shipments.

Submit shipments in one place

In person, with an agreed collection or through a carrier, you deliver the parcels in bulk to your branch. We deliver shipments in SDD or D+1 mode to WE|DO POINT delivery points and other carriers in 96% of cases.

Give the customer time to collect

For up to 14 days, shipments are ready for personal collection at more than 1,300 of the most frequented places in the Czech Republic and SK, with the option of paying for the goods on delivery.

Keep everything under control

Only one system informs you online about uncollected shipments, sends cash on delivery in CZK / EUR, records, tracks and provides a full history of shipments and invoicing.