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We create digital products. From A to Z. We do not differentiate. We treat every project as our own.

Development and support of e-shop solutions tailored to each customer. We are a reliable full-service e‑commerce partner with modern technologies. UX / UI design of digital products with an emphasis on performance. We will find out what is wrong and propose the most effective solution, we will test it.
Running a startup without an experienced developer at your back is difficult. The most damage can be done in the initial stages of a project. That's why we're here to help you choose the right people and technology for your type of business. We'll help you set up your development process so that you "run" successfully from start to finish.


We build startups, develop new digital products, mobile and web apps. We simplify complex issues using not only modern technologies but also experiences and common sense approach that we have in our DNA. We are always step ahead and add something more than you expect.

We are a team of active athletes based in Liberec. We are not lazy and we like challenges, not only sports, but especially work ones. And that unites us.

We create digital products from A to Z

The focus of each project is to be successful in the market. That is why our approach is 360 degrees including quality measurement, content, SEO optimization, meticulous testing and other things.

We take every project as our own

We make no differences. We work on each project diligently and we give it our best. And the result shows it.

We communicate honestly

We produce only things that make sense to us. We do not "beat around the bush", we know what is possible.

We are conscious of our value

And we stand by it. We are continuously improving and learning how to use new technologies. We eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy.